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1. What are the Annual Dues for the Association?

a. The 2017 Annual Assessment for the Mountain Brooke North Homeowners Association is $157.50


2. I have a question about our Community, who should I contact?

a. Please direct any and all questions, requests, comments or concerns to Sixes Management Group, the property management firm responsible for the management of the Mountain Brooke North HOA:

Sixes Management Group

1007 Towne Lake Hills East, Suite 300

Woodstock, GA 30189

770. 575.0943


4. I would like to make repairs and/or improvements to my home or yard, does this require pre-approval by the Mountain Brooke North HOA?

a. Yes, all structural and/or aesthetic home projects require the approval of the Mountain Brooke North  ACC. The approval process is designed to be as efficient and painless as possible, and ACC approval forms are available here. All projects must adhere to the Mountain Brooke North Design Guidelines, which were created and maintained to help maintain the quality and aesthetics of our entire Community.

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